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Specialist contract management and legal support in clinical research

Let us manage your contracting, so that you can focus on the other critical study conduct aspects

Site contracting & budget negotiations

Site contracting can be quite a challenge, especially when multiple countries are involved. Find out how our international team of experienced and dedicated lawyers can contribute to a smooth study start-up process.

  • Template review and preparation
  • Negotiations of clinical trial agreements
  • Budget negotiations
  • Rescue management 

Strategy & planning

Start a timely conversation on what contracts are required for your clinical study, and how to incorporate contracting in your budget and planning.

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Dispute resolution support

Contact us in case you need support with resolving a dispute with your contract counterpart. We might be able to assist when a solution seems far away.

Service agreements with study vendors

The success of a clinical trial very much depends on the performance of critical study aspects by the different parties involved. Proper vendor contracting can make all the difference.

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Data privacy solutions for your clinical trial

Find out how GDPR and other data privacy requirements apply to your organization and clinical study, and what solutions can be offered to ensure compliance.

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Review of other contracts & study documents

Specific contract types, such as licensing agreements or consortium agreements, require legal review by a party with industry knowledge.

The same applies to study documents such as Patient Informed Consent Forms (PICF) or Letters of Delegation (LoD).

Find scenario’s for specific use cases