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Strategy and planning

Strategy and planning

Start a timely conversation on what contracts are required for your clinical study, and how to incorporate contracting in your budget and planning.

Process improvement resulting in efficiencies

We have seen that our clients substantially benefit from involving Salvius at the front end of the study process

Often Salvius is approached to assist at a stage that it becomes critical to think about contracting, whether in the context of timelines, complexity of content or set-up, or collaboration issues and lack of contractual tools to resolve this. Thinking about planning and how to use your contracts to your advantage upfront saves time, money and unnecessary headaches.

  • Realistic planning – especially for multi-country studies – is key to avoid unexpected delays
  • A strategic approach on contracting will help with managing your study collaborators

Please contact us when you want to experience the benefits of proper planning and contracting strategies.

Think about contracting upfront, to avoid problems later

Salvius can assist your company or organization with assessing the functionality and gaps of the current contracting process, check and improve current contracting workflows and train relevant staff, such as contract managers and operational staff. Taking such steps will allow your company or organization to facilitate a smooth contracting process, reducing unnecessary risks, costs, and improve contracting timelines.

Since many different parties and departments with different levels of experience and understanding in this area are involved in the contracting process, it is worthwhile to spend some time and energy on getting everyone on board.

The preferred situation is to create a “well-oiled machine”, where every stakeholder has basic knowledge of relevant contracting principles, is aware of its responsibilities, uses available tools correctly and where communication and escalation flows are established.

  • Salvius can help you to maximize efficiencies
  • Salvius can make you experience that contracting can be a controllable part of the study start-up process

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