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Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution support

Contact us in case you need support with resolving a dispute with your contract counterpart. We might be able to assist when a solution seems far away.

Dispute resolution

When your collaboration is not going according to plan, the contract that you have in place may all of a sudden become an important factor in resolving an impasse.

Parties generally wish to handle this type of situations smoothly, without a major impact on the progress of the clinical study or negative effects for participating study subjects.

Assessing what was actually agreed in the contract, which parts of the agreement play a role in resolution of the issue and how the relevant sections should be read, can only be done properly if there is understanding of the contract subject and the respective interests of the parties involved.

Salvius can assist with contract interpretation and attend or help prepare discussions to find resolution and clarity, whether Salvius was involved in the negotiation of the contract or as an independent third party.

Our dispute resolution services:

  • Contract interpretation
  • Finding constructive and clear resolutions
  • Acknowledging the importance of study continuation
  • Assisting with communication to find resolution