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About Us

John Doe
Myrthe Trompert

The founder and CEO of Salvius Legal B.V., has a Master's Degree in Law from the University of Amsterdam and has been working in the clinical trial industry since 1991. She has strategic, management and business development experience, and especially gained extensive experience in negotiating clinical trial agreements for large multi-country studies and in providing other legal support required in the industry. Myrthe Trompert has worked for Contract Research Organizations such as Parexel and PharmaNet. At PharmaNet she had the position of Sr. Legal Counsel, responsible for the regions Europe, Latin- America and Asia. Since 2010, she is CEO of Salvius Legal.

John Doe
Bram Leenhouts

COO of Salvius Legal B.V., has a Master’s degree in Law from the University of Amsterdam and has been working in the clinical trial industry since 1992 for one of the top 5 global CROs in different operational and leadership roles. Bram has extensive experience in developing methodologies to reduce contracting cycle times substantially whilst keeping high productivity and quality levels of multiple agreements negotiated in parallel. In addition, Bram has a broad experience on process and change management activities and has a track record and demonstrated strong focus on building solid and flourishing business relationships with clients, employees and vendors. Bram has joined Salvius Legal B.V. in April 2016 to further lead the operations of Salvius Legal B.V. in delivering highly professional contract management and legal services and solutions.

Why Us

Industry specific knowledge

Solid understanding of the clinical research process and the role of the different parties involved in a clinical trial. Therefore able to make proper risk assessments and communicate efficiently

Client focus

Awareness of the importance of timelines when conducting a clinical trial, committed to a solution- oriented collaboration

Expertise on local requirements

Awareness of the potential pitfalls in the negotiation process. High quality procedures, templates and tracking tools that facilitate efficient management of the agreements

Fast site contracting

Our database of national and even site specific preferences allows us to adapt contract templates for fastest possible acceptance.


Access to resources for required legal support, if you need it, when you need it

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